Tuesday, April 29, 2014

feed ur ego.

men were born wit ego bigger than Rosmah's hair and Shahrizat's hair combined. dats how big it is. no man like to be taught, advised or corrected. dats when the phrase i stand corrected was coined by some alpha male but somehow thru dilution over time - the [phrase has been used more by women than men nowadays.

i am one of those men. if u think ur ego bigger then the mountain, take some time to learn and to get to knw about mine, as well. when it comes to certain thgs, i jst dun wanna lose. ofkoz - most of the time i'll giv in and giv up coz i refused to hav complications in life. but when i knw my right and thgs - u'll see my true colors. no matter how wrong or deviant i mght be - i can twist the fact, knwing dat i am wrong but wld never admit it - it can make me wins the argument. not like most of the time - but i did dat as well.

especially when i did no worng, and ur accusing me wit thgs. u'll see my stance alrite.

i am not ashamed of it. i think its part of my pride. hey, u hav ur ego as well. so stop pretending as if ur malaikat or sthg. so, i will not ut my feet down for some guy, who knowingly shamed me, talked behind my back, and ask for forgiveness. or ur playing me, treating me like a bulshyte as if i hav no pride at all - and u hav it all. if dat ever happened, i wont be the first to make a move. perhaps, jst say sorry - for at least once, and thgs will be jst fine.

if u hating the same person for a long time, u somehow wld start to forget y u did it in the first place. the only thgs dats left is the hatred, and compulsion - and dats the devil. hatred for a certain soul i hav felt for some times now, is not diluted. and i am not sure if it'll never be.

ego, sir. feed on dis emotion. he likes it. so do i.

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