Monday, April 21, 2014


its 2.15 in the morn and i still cant sleep. its officially Monday now - and its like the first day after like a week i wasnt in the office - cant help to think how mess my office wld be. and the memos, surat etc. sigh.

and my mind.. its like my whole physical is here, but the soul is way out there, somewhere.

perhaps i sleep too much siang tadik. i usually did dat when i am in deep shyte - its like u can jst shut urself completely down from everythg - for a while. and drift away. and when ur awake - u knw theres sthg there, and u off sleeping again. and it went on again, and again.

so i decided to off do some strolling at the Ipoh Parade Mall - not knwing wat to do, or to buy. its been a year since aku dtg sini - byk benda baru. dah a bit happening now. ramai stdnts.

aku ended up my walking at FOS - grabbed myself some shirts, and off to Popular Book Store. get it done wit my BB1M - i bought coupla new books. i need to start doin some proper reading. to fill up my ample time. to catch up wit thgs i've left behind. 

sigh. somethg is bothering my head. dis is worst - for i dun knw wat on earth it is. the work? study? assignments? deadlines? life? fcuk it.

i need to turn off dis lappy, switch off lampu study and hit the sack. again. dis time around - hoping i cld get a lil bit of sleeping so trow - i wont be a half dead Zombie, groggy and grumpy.

gdnyte ppl. sleep tight.

those r some of the books i bought myself -
The Rules to Break, Give and Take, The Rules of Work and Persuasion. 

end of the road?

the first,
and the last..


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