Tuesday, March 11, 2014


i made a lil house near a sea cliff, among the rolls of stones and moss, the wind blew thru the windows, shaking the fire in the fireplace - somehow gav the whole house a radiant warm feelin to it. in front of the fireplace - i sat knee to chest and thinkin the house smells like a newly baked bread and i wld love to hav one. theres books upon the shelf, but i am too contented to grab - instead i jst lie in front of the fireplace, and watch the fire until it goes off a nite.

jst, stare. until it goes off. and jst like dat - the whole world stop and so everythg in it. theres only the sound of chilly sea breeze havin its way among the plain - thru the window - the wave breakin at the shore, theres nthg matter.

jst me, and the dancing fire.

sadness. emptiness. is havin to live at such place but burdened wit every lil problem and trouble.

and guys - words spoken, and unspoken - do hurt when ur heart meant so.

God i jst want my lil 'house' back..

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