Tuesday, March 11, 2014

state sthg for urself.

i was doin dis exercises in the the class wit the stdnts, during the class - its apart of knwg urself and such. and i found out the stdnts kinda enjoyed it well. u knw - bscally dorang akan enjoy apa2 je yg luar syllabus dorg, definitely. and i did dis to pull their attention, and linked it wit the lesson of the day.

its been a while - and now i'd like to state coupla thgs about myself. jst in case u dun really knw me well. or maybe u claimed so, yet ur not. or maybe -  u dun giv it a shyte pun, tak pe. i dun mind.

so, here we go.

  1. i am comfortable wit myself. apart of 2 minggu away from the ofc, and Ain ckp bdn aku makin bulat. tak pe - ptg ni aku start lari balik. the fact is - i am comfortable wit myself, so much in fact its bordering disgusting.
  2. i listen to the music, and the voice. and ofcoz - the lyrics. sometimes - when u cant put thgs into words - the song will be able to do dat.
  3. i love sea, i love beaches, and i love the smell of the sea in the morn.
  4. i love sunset. and a sun rise.
  5. i am almost sure dat medicine is not my call, its jst sthg i had to do i.e ambition. my calling are writing, colors, and ppl.
  6. i hav a very impressive-shinning bald head.i can a long nice hair if i want to. and i hav no problem in keeping my hair back again - jst dat i dun want to.
  7. i hate small kids who gigglin, wigglin and crossin ur paths at the mall. but i hate their parents even more - for not bein able to take care of theirs sons and daughters of b*tches, let em loose like.. nvm. if it was up to me, those kids wld be in a collar.
  8. i hav my own ego. and pride as well. most of the time i'd go low and let thgs go on its way, until i had enuff. yes, i am no assertive-son-of-the-b*tch. sigh.
  9. i am loveable. and peluk-able!
  10. read the above. and u knw better.

off for the pantry. i need some caffeine. class lagik after dis..

u take care.

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