Saturday, March 1, 2014


finally i am home - after being all over places for the whole week. but jst for a nite - since last Friday, before aku off for Tanjung Malim - ofc called and it seems like i hav to unpack, and re-pack back again for another trip - out of ere. for another week.

and aku cant stop to feel so tired, God sake. jst when i am about to hilang rasa homesick aku - and i'll be on the road again. tp ok sket kot - since trow, the driver will drive me - and like 5 of us, as well. tak bley byg meja aku mcmana bersepah wit memos, buku2 log stdnts etc, skang neh. 

otak tepu. i am crashing now. gdnyte.

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