Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Noraziah Che Pa. HB!!

Pinkie and me.
years back, Putrajaya.. 

owh, dis is Noraziah Che Pa. or kwn2 pggl her, Pinkie. or Pinky. since she loves kaler pink, so much. dat was then, while she's still single. now dat she's married - tak sure she is still ga ga wit kaler pink. why? u dun ask me. seriously i dun knw.

she's a fren of mine. my best fren. we hardly see one another - but we always get connected every now and then thru phone and such. w'pun dah tak sekerap dulu - we still do, and aku pun faham - masing2 ada life to live, and responsibility to commit. yet dat doesnt mean dat we r no longer a fren. we still r.

and today is her bird-day. er, no. not a bird-day. for she's a gal. i mean - today, its her best-day, aka her birthday. i called her jst now otw to work, and she's on leave today. untung lah - birthday bley cuti2 Mesia lagik. and abang pun cuti ada kat rumah. wah! grande to the max la nampaknya. hahahaha.. 

so, Pinkie. dis is for u. on ur big day, as big as u now. eh! silap. hahaha.. jgn marah. its ur best-day, rmmbr? marah, kena jual. kalo laku lah.. eh! hahaha.. ok ok, sekali lagik. Pinkie, dis is for u. u mght seen dis like every year, but i hope u'll never get tired of it. for i never feel tired of doin dis, again and again! Happy Birthday! (yg ke brp eh? haha). i wish u all the very best - insyaAllah, in life, work, dunia akhirat. moga di murah kan rezeki, dipermudahkan segala urusan - dlm iman dan taqwa, dunia akhirat. i'm blessed to knw u, i am proud to hav u around, as a fren. 

and Zainal.. jgn jeles ye! ur ma'am is a fren of mine! hahaha

well, if u asked me for the cake and the hadiah - i'd like to ask u sthg now.. wheres my 'anak sedara'? hahaha.. cant wait! 

Happy Birthday, Pinkie. and all the best!

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