Friday, March 14, 2014

man, down.

if u were late to work, its not a good sign. and when dat feelin of ur last quiz flunk surfaces; its also not a good day. u mght up for a terrible day and the best thg to do is jst sleep thru the day.

despite all dat - the fever dat i am havin now, and hectic week - i am ok. it seems like nthg can keep me down.

sometimes i wonder, do i really hav feelings? i doubt dat. sometimes i jst wanna feel - dat is y i am a pain worshipper. as much as i hate to admite  sometimes, i am glad if thgs unexpected come up. bad unexpected thgs.

yesterday, i listened to a story of givin up. and ppl go and ask me shld or shldnt they. to tell u the truth, i jst dun knw wat to say - i knw hows dat feel, God sake. i jst keep my mouth shut, and threw back the question to him/her. but then, ppl always do dat, they want their opinion validated.

at dis raw years of my life, i learnt dat sometimes it is okay to giv up. when the only solution is to jst, break it off and shut it all down - its ok to jst giv up. maybe i am lazy or too chicken shyte to face the problem, but if givin up can make u feel better than continue to limping the course, then the hell wit it.

and yesterday, too - i learnt dat theres jst some ppl u jst hate. i hate dis one person - i do hav reasons, yes. good reasons, yes. how many reasons i hav, none. i jst hate dis one person. reasons? i'll deal wit dat, later. bad person/not, if someone out there to tarnish ur lil film dat is ur life, ur future, ur all - i jst hav to giv any bloody right in the world to loathe dat f*ckers.

breakfast taken, as it is. and my Brufen and some other medication. i shall hit the crib now. the temperature is still raging. let the haze take the blame. the weather. the stress. and i hav no choice but still hav to go to classes today and trow. sign.

good day, ppl!

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