Tuesday, March 18, 2014

gdluck, K28!

finally. after they've waited for it, for quite some time. i told em all to really enjoy the nthgness, before surat panggilan masuk kerja dtg - but i gez they were so eager la kot. until today.

i was sort of shocked to receive such sms for one of the stdnt, bgtau aku penempatan PPW dah keluar. and lapor diri on 24th March! erm, cpt nyer.. most of em all i gez ok la kot since dpt kampung halaman. tp still, ada yg dpt places yg tak pernah ujud dlm senarai yg dorg mintak. my advice is - jst go. doesnt mean ko dpt posting spital tepi rumah wld be heaven for u. maybe it is. but staying away is not dat bad after all. ur young. restless. so go around the places. see the world, new town, new environment. new, strange faces. while ur young. i say it again - while ur young. one day - bila dah nak kawen, or ur parents needs ur attention and such - only then u do the balik kg. 

for once u stuck at ur own home town, u'll feel complacent - and u'll stuck in there, forever. trust me! hehe

but, posting tepi rumah pun ok jgk. duduk dgn mak ayah, makan minum settle.. apa lagi? erm, tp smpai bila eh? hahahaha.. i mean - it depends on how u see thgs la kot.

so - to all K28. ganbatte. do ur very best. go and impress everybdy, wit ur knwledge and everythg. remember, skang u guys dah nak masuk keje.. no more a stdnt. its a completely, utterly different - if u still remember apa yg i kept on sayin dlm kelas. be good, be nice wit everybdy. be humble. ringan tulang, and rajin bertanya. and once ppl loves u - life will be easy and jst fine for u. dun stuck too long in there, make sure u go cont ur study - as fast as u can. coz time cant wait.

i cannot help but to keep thinkin dat K28 is getting far away now, from me. i am happy, no doubt. but.. theres a feelin in me - i cant describe. a hole. i dun knw. 


all the best, K28. i love u guys. jst.. dun forget me in ere, for i will never forget u guys, God sake. and if u happen to stumble into me - dun hesitate, jst say hi and i'll be glad. and if i ended up to ur hospital one day - tak kisah la kat mana2 pun - u knw wat to do. hahaha

gdluck, everybdy.

and, owh - aku lari ptg tadik. tu je nak bgtau.


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