Friday, March 7, 2014


done by 5pm, aku finally reached home by 10pm. aku rasa sg penat - mentally, physically. kalo ikut aku nak je mandi, tdo. but i knw - even if i do dat - i wldnt be sleeping well. assignment due dis Sabtu, kuiz dis Sabtu nota haram aku sentuh.. thus, aku forced myself to sit and get the journal critics done - tho deep down in my head - there r so many thgs marchin up and down, and i am barely concentrate pun.

i am done. and i am off crashing now. esok keje half day, ptg dah berangkut pi kelas plak.. kejap sgt ujg minggu dah smpai.


i am putting myself low now. and i am ready for watever dat may come along the way. i believe there'll be changes in life, like everyday - but sometimes, sama ada ko ready atau tidak - dats all dat matters.

i tired. seriously. 



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