Wednesday, March 12, 2014


at the end of the day - all u can do is telling lies
to one another. comforting each other wit words..
and u urself not sure wat it is.
'sabar la, nak buat mana..'
'its ok, thgs will be ok'
'be strong..'
and such.
while u knw - deep inside -
u knw wat u hav to do.
u knw thgs will never get better, thgs will never be same for God sake.
and u knw - not even one of u, is stronger than another.
ur sharing sort of delusion - hoping thgs will be better.
u believe dat thgs will be ok.
and still - deep inside;
u hav no idea of wat it is there for all of u.

but its ok -
for dats wat we do.
dats wat everyone of us do.
we comfort each other, we be there for one another.

it'll be 2yrs real soon.
and i still remember every bit of everythg.
Allah knws how hard it is for me.

for all of us.

God i miss him so much.
so much i dun knw wat else to say..


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