Tuesday, March 4, 2014


third nite. and i cant wait to get dis over. for the first time ever - i feel like so dreading stayin away from home. it feels so empty. meaningless. its like i am here, but mind and soul is somewhere else. back home to where i belong.

but then again - i am taking dis quiet moment - from work and anythg at all - to think and look back into life i am living in. theres so many mistakes i wish i cld turn back the time and mend it back to the way it is - but surely i cant. of perhaps, even if i do - i wldnt learn a thang, like i am now. 

as much as i wanted to stay the way it is - i've made up my mind on coupla thgs, and i gotta get it goin. life is short, and i hav to live it the way it is. i gotta appreciate thgs, esp those yg appreciate my existence. i gotta be bold enuff to not running in the same circle again and again - ending up hurting myself, when u knw u've tried so hard to be the very best.

more presentations trow. i hav thgs to be done, yet i dun feel like doin it. perot kenyang, otak kosong. i think i shld jst go crashing.

and before i leave - i gez, dats the way life is. s'times, u gotta learn to let go - to knw how good it is, for u.


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