Sunday, March 9, 2014


and theres not a day i go thru w/o thkg of him. aku rindu abh, so much dat aku dun hav words to describe it.

wit thgs dat happened to me, in life, my everyday - i wish i cld talk to him. for he mght understand.

along rindu abah. the tot of u shld appreciate the one u love way better than anythg kept haunting me, and i cant stop my tears from running down my cheeks - each time the tot come hunting me. not dat i didnt, cuma aku tau aku cldve done way better..

aku menangis tp pusara abh, again. bein alone, the environment, the tot of him, buat aku rasa sayu.

along syg abh. byk2. al fatihah.

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