Tuesday, February 11, 2014

slmt pg!

woke up at 5.30am, aku still hav the urge to smbung tdo. semlm after all the thgs - iron baju, mandi solat etc, dah around 12.30am. sort of way beyond my crashing time on the weekdays. haih. and today - i'll be having dis indoor training Taking People With You Workshop by Sains Komunikasi - whole day. i hope its goin to be a hands-over kinda thang, otherwise i'd be snoring lar jawab nyer. i hate to jst sit and listen for hrs, thank u.

semlm nyer Pertanding Sketsa - ok larr.. nothg to much ado of pun. most of the group - jalan cerita hampir cliche. keinsafan. krg ajar dgn mak ayah then mati kena siksa. antu kubur. laki dressed in baju perempuan etc. ada yg sgt boring - i wished i cld jst stop the whole thang and sent em down the stage (kejam tak? hahaha), ada yg best and kelakar. basically, i had fun too - since Ain and KM (ehem!) jadi juri2 together wit me. 

and the worst part is - at the end of it - ada yg approached aku mintak jadi juri (again) for dis Wed mlm, pertandingan tarian or sthg. huhuhu.. mmg tak la kot. not may area of interest. i mght be sitting down there and wondering wat to do then. kdg2 aku musykil jgk - naper asyik2 aku je yg dorg cari. no, not wat u hav in mind now. i mean - ramai lecturer lain kot. maybe aku approachable. maybe aku senang bwk runding keje. or perhaps, aku available most of the time - wit less of excuses. perhaps aku ensem. and kendu?

ok. muntah now. yg last tu aku tambah sendiri.

the fact is  aku love to be involve wit all dis, when time izinkan. seeing em evolving, spending their effort and such. and aku love to contribute by spending some time into it. at least - dats the least i can do. so mlm ni - sekali lagi i hav to be around for Pertandingan Karaoke/Koir. wit Ain and saper ntah.

gtg. registration soon. Mr Anwar the Science Comm dah ajak aku jalan pi Academic Building. see u.

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