Sunday, February 16, 2014

run? not today.

i cld go for a run dis morn., but i din. balik surau dis morning - i was like thinkin hard to decide - to dive back into the bed, or siap2 pi lari.

and i gez u knw wat it is. by 10am smthg - baru aku bgun.

and ptg tadi - i cld be running, again. hahaha.. but then - instead of doin so - aku terbungkang kekenyangan, tersadai kat kusyen dpn tv like blue whale nak bunuh diri, sangkut tp pantai. imagine - kenduri 2 tempat, house warming lagik. duh. i hate everybdy, today.

owh, btw - aku nak share my playlist lah, those yg aku listen to when i do the running. most of the time - aku get hooked up to the phone lah, senang - since all the apps r there, malas nak penuh wayar satu badan dgn earphones etc. i used to listen to trance while running. i think its kinda cool. it is cool, alrite. cuma lama2 aku rasa bosan. music wit no vocals and such. trace do me good. aku rasa ringan, bersemangat and a bit kerasukan. haha over.

so - here we go. ko jgn rasa pelik dgn playlist aku plak. and jgn rasa gusar or ragu2. maybe ko tak suka - and serious aku dun giv a shyte pun. hahaha..

  1. Summertime Sadness - Lana del Ray (Cedric Gervais Remix)
  2. The MOnsters - Eminem feat Rihanna
  3. What's My Name - Rihanna feat Sean Kingston (remix)
  4. Aku Tak Peduli - Icona Pop (i.e I Dont Care.. haha)
  5. Diamonds - Rihanna feat Kanye West (remix)
  6. Hold On We're Going Home - Drake feat Majid Jordan
  7. Let Me Love You - Ne-Yo
  8. Numb - Usher
  9. Rescue - Yuna (hohohoho..)
  10. Let Her Go - Passenger
  11. New Day - Alicia Keys feat Dr Dre & 50Cents
  12. Play Hard - David Guetta feat Akon & Ne-Yo
  13. Team - Lorde
  14. Timber - Pitbul feat Ke$ha
  15. We Run The Night - Havana feat Pitbul
  16. What Now - Rihanna
  17. Falling - Yuna
  18. Lullabies - Yuna

and a few more..

i need somethg to get me distracted, when i am running. otherwise -i'll keep entertaining voices in my head askin me to 'haiyooooh, benti jap.. benti jap.. penat!' kinda thang. at least i had my thinkin on the songs, and let the feet do the thang - puttin one in front of another and keep moving. 

despite dat i am doin dis alone (sedih, since i hav nobody to dis wit me), i think i started to love wat i am doin now. i knw - aku baru je mula berlari2 neh - and payah giler nak get it alrite like 10km wit in 1hr. ada je alasan. haih. but at least - i am doin it. 

and as i keep on telling myself over and over again - i'll do better as time goes by.

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