Wednesday, February 12, 2014

permanent, no.

i always tell to myself to stay low, held head high, walk tall and strive for the best. i always tell to myself dat everythg in dis world - everythg - is temporary. nthg is permanent as we stimes wish thgs wld be. everybdy mght knw u well (or so they claimed it to be) and everyone seems to like u - but u never how its goin to be trow. u mght hav all the fame, the look, the status, the state of health and such - yet nbdy knws wld it still be there by the time u wake up, trow morn. 

but then again - wit all the tots, i wont let anythg brings me down. obviously i am enjoying wat i am having now - for dats wat i am havin now, and i am wishing, striving for the very best, for trow. a step at a time. and i always tell to myself never, ever take thgs for granted. never. i love wat i am doin now, and i knw i am at the best of it. and i wont let myself drowned in it.

owh, btw - trow is goin to be a brand new day for me. completely new. i will be back as a stdnt, God sake. been a while, i knw. and i've been there, done dat for so many time - and obviously i am enjoying, and i love it. the challenges and all. i hav to admit dat i do feel kinda anxious a bit for trow - for i dun knw how its gonna be. but as usual - we r scared for the unknown. and the uncertainty. but i will go thru dis, for sure. and thgs will be jst fine insyaAllah.

wish me luck, ya. erm, thinking about all the struggles i went thru before, haih lagik aku gelabah siak! hahahaha.. see u!

ok, selfie sket.
jgn muntah skang. mohon cari sinki bedekatan.

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