Wednesday, February 5, 2014

passive aggressive? aggressive?

i think i am getting aggressive lately. in the term of behavior. and i dun like it. i mean - if its a good thang, its different. but well, dis is aint. and when i off from the class ptg tadi, i scrolled down my blog - i cldnt agree more. i am aggressive lately. perhaps, if u read my entries - it is like one. plus my FB status, Tweet and such.

pagi tadi - awal2 pagi aku dah mengamuk. bygkan aku 8am sharp dah dlm kelas - ikut jadual la.. and Mr Bong came in front te back door sayin there r still stdnts blum masuk kelas. he asked me to do head count.

fine. i did dat. and i went thru the attendance from.

and suddenly - head count dis group tak cukup org. tp borang semua dah signed? wat is dat mean? u knw wat dat bloody mean. ada balachi bodoh tlg sign, whereas the tuan bdn still blum dlm kelas.

fine. aku reserved pschology sket - dlm 5mins aku dah dpt the hamba abdi yg tlg signed for dis one guy. i made him rushed back to the hostel, get him down to the class, stat. and he did. aku went on wit the class - he finally in. aku tnya knp tak masuk kelas?, dia ckp 'saya gastric'. i asked him again, knp tak masuk kelas? and he came close to me - he told me dia ada masalah fmly. fine. aku tnya lagi, knp tak masuk kelas? he said btol he had 'gastric, and tadi tak bley jalan.. (and yet he was there in front of me!). 

back hand on his pipi kanan. jst like dat. and tgn aku menggigil. kelas diam. sunyi sepi. dammit i am a medical personnel, and u think i jst buy dat bulshyte? u dun lie to a liar. and u dun do shyte, if u dun knw how to.

and aku was ok after dat.

ptg tadi - kelas lagi dgn sem lain (aku full swing ari neh). presentation. the guys knw my do's and dont's during the class. aku dah bgtau awal2 lagi. and aku noticed dis stdnt was looking down at his celah bedah, like so into it. aku went up, stood beside him - and dia still tak sedar dat aku was there - and yes, he was on the phone, checking his FaceBook! 

aku asked the phone politely. he refused. aku asked again - nicely. and finally he gav it. upon havin the phone in my hand - the phone was finally flew in the air, ended up on the other side of the hall's wall. and it went into pieces. 

i am not like dat all the time. i mean - last aku back-hand stdnt was a yr back - K28 aku sendiri. for some solid reason. still - aku tau i had no right to do so. and i knw - ur judging me upon reading dis, but its ok - judge me if u want to, for i dun giv a shyte.

there must be somethg wrong wit me. and i gotta figure out. 


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