Monday, February 17, 2014

man period.


okay. i am sleepy and i feel like a bloody Zombie. and i am in no mood to - u knw - be the pussy i was and listen to wat all dis makciks and female lecturers r talking.

at some point - all i hear was yak yak kitty yak, wak wak wak, blah blah blah and so on. God knws i talk much.. ah, fcuk it, i jst hate listenin to the same crash and burn story gals tell u each time they hav problem wit a man, and came up to me like 'haaa.. ko try tanya Shah, dia pandai..' kinda bulshyte.

as much as gals like to see em as in power, they gotta admit dat u gals r easily tamed by the power of majestic d*ck; forgive me for bein rude - but dat is the truth. i HATE it when gals tell each other lies to feel friggin safe, to feel comfort.. like 'o c'mon, he still loves u..', 'he now realize how he misses u' and byk lagi. wat the fcuk u knw about dat? and howdya knw, at the first place? ko ahli sihir ke?

they asked for ur opinion. fine. i gav mine. again and again. but wld dat make a change? obviously, no. u, as a male person - knws very well how a male human's mind work. wanna knw the secret? yes, i'll tell u. now.

WE DUN CARE. unlike all women believe - men think simple thgs. WE DUN. the only reason y u female think like dat is - bcoz u we want to. we, wit all our intelligence and might, try hard as fcuk not to include u gals in any of our business and mind.. and as graceful as ur, u think men r useless.. jst bcoz they dun think of u. blergkh.

see - u gals need to stop think man as uber stupid and primitive. to gain urselves respect. the faster u realize dat in order to be equal, u hav to respect each other not demand of equality. show men all over the wrold dat u can be as frightening, can be as freakin bold!

u knw wat women need to realize? dat men cld live w/o em. err. i mean, yes, they do. it will be too difficult but they, will, carry on. dat is the main point. so stop believing dat a man misses u so much, yes he might do - but he'll move on, if ur unlucky - to another gal.

and when a man start eyeing other gal, DUN EVER BE THE SAVIOR OF UR RELATIONSHIP. pls dun be noble and believe dat the love u felt was real. bulshyte. for man, love is very confusing, they can multiple in very short periods, and they can gone wit the wind in a blink of an emu's eye. and u - ur not helping, at all.

STOP BELIEVING IN UR MAN AS IF HE IS THE ONE. there is NO 'The One'. trust me. there is only the one available right now, and hello - its ur hormone speaking, u fcukin need to find a man, settle down or ur eggs will dwindling and i'll go menopause rage.. yes, my ma'am - whoever will do. 

there, you are the one.

and pls, stop picking rare stories of ur frens or frens of frens or so about every gal's dream guy. coz they r not exist. ur dream guy poops and pees and stinks, and they r rare species.. God knws is they exist!!

i can talk more now, but i cant bcoz aku geram giler dgn makcik-makcik neh yg dok berlonggok dan bergossip pasal lelaki like non-stop

lagipun aku puasa.

argkh! i am havin my man period!

the reason y i am posting dis bcoz u, YOU - female creatures dat brought the world-end catastrophe dat is Justin Bieber, and dat Twi-fcuking-light and bad driving behavior and all gay vampires to dis world. yes, i am a sexiest now, for now - wateverwhocarenoonethankyou.

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