Monday, February 24, 2014

eat pray love

"..ppl think a soul mate is ur perfect fit, and dats wat everyone wants.
but a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows u everythg dat is holding u back, the person
who brings u to ur own attention so u can change ur life.

a true soul mare is probably the most important person u'll ever meet bcoz they tear ur walls and smack u awake. but to live wit a soul mate forever? nah, too painful.
soul mates - they come into ur life
jst to reveal another layer of urself to u - and then leave.

a soul mates purpose is to shake u up, tear apart ur ego a lil bit -
show u ur obstacles and addictions, break ur heart open - so a new lite can get in, make u so
desperate and out of control dat u hav to transform ur life, then introduce u
to ur spiritual master.."

- Elizabeth Gilbert; Eat, Pray, Love.


reached in ere by 4pm sthg - really took my ime for i had nthg to rush for pun. jst dat - i never ever drive dis far alone - on my own - so, i've been quite worry for certain thgs. but alhamdulillah - thgs r alrite. wit GPS up there, and everythg in order - i've made it.

jst dat aku tertinggal tali pinggang rite there on the bed - seriously aku lupa bwk masuk beg - which i dun knw wats into me, really. dat is the one of the most important thang yg masuk beg dulu, all dis while. and today - i left it back there in Ipoh. dammit i gotta go out and look for one, or i'll look weird wit all at place - yet no belt.

watching Eat, Pray, Love now. i dun knw how many time i've been watching dis. but  other than Jerry Maguire - i always love dis. i mean - i love the story. the monologue. the everythg. 

wit a lot of thgs in mind, and a lot of thgs to do - for days to come - i cant help feelin a lil homesick now. i wish i am not stranded here, all alone. 

dat wld be the last thg i wanna i do.

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