Wednesday, January 22, 2014

un-fly ur fly.

opsss, i did it again. i am not sure how it happened, and wat went wrong - but i did it again.

i was done wit an hour class early in the morn., when i called off for a break - take 5, dat is - when a stdnt of mine, a young boy duduk dpn sekali came up to me at the stage, suddenly hold on the mic, whispering to me "sir, u mght want to check ur zipper..", and zusssss.. i felt like a thunder came hit me rite on the spot, and had all the blood came rushin up my head.

and yes - the zip 'terbukak' and thank God i was sitting at belakang  meja, and i was wearing dis jaket way down coverin down half of my waist. seriously i din knw how to react. but the boy acting so cool - he was jst smilin at me litely, pretending as if theres nthg happened.

and rite on the spot, i was full wit q's. did everybdy see sthg they shldnt be seein? or dorg tak perasan? since aku pakai seluar itam. or perhaps bdk2 yg duduk dpn - sah2 berfiesta mata? haih. done wit take 5, aku smbg balik kelas, pura2 mcm nthg happened. seriously - aku rasa dorg tak perasan kot.. after all, seluar itam, and seluar kecik pun itam.

wat if aku pakai merah?  mati lar.

done wit the class, aku cpt2 blah. bygkan - ko ada like another 3hrs wit em all! haih. aku thanked the boy, and off aku blah. walking back to the office - i cant help smiling to myself. kal dorg tak nampak - nak buat mcmana. perhaps dorg tergolong dlm golongan yg rugi. hahaha.. or kalo dorang nampak - rejeki lah! nak buat mcmana. shyte happens stimes.


next time - i swear to God up above, aku akan check berkali2. seriously. malu weh!

a ah, it aint pornography.
but its silly-o-graphy.

owh, btw - ari ni aku start stayin away from the gym. i mean - bukan la stay away trus. aku rasa from now on - if i wanna do cardio, i will hit the road and run. and if i wanna run - i will do it outside. seriously aku dha bosan lari2 anak atas treadmill. it is so boring aku rasa mcm hamster. 

wit my mp3 on, and wit the help of some application - i am proud wit wat i had for today. mmg lah aku tak mampu nak trus like 6min/km. or nak up till 5min/km (ehem). tp aku akan cuba insyaAllah. and i am running wit a goal. wats the goal? haaaa.. later2 lah bgtau. yg penting - bukan tiang goal.

rasa syok plak. tak sbr nak lari lagik esok.. gtew.

ok. over.

mak lari, nak!

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