Thursday, January 30, 2014


when at midnites, i become sad. especially when i hardly sleep, like tonite. y?

i read somewhere dat druing dis godly hrs of nite when the world is silence dat u wld find solemn, dat the whole world will seep onto ur skin and the realization of life wld come.

these past coupla days - shytes r gettin real. like, the possibility is there, its so can happened, its like waiting for ur deformed retarded son to be born but ur not ready yet, heck, u dun wanna be ready.

denial. dats the word.

i actually dun wanna be ready, or in a way - prepared. i feel if i am prepared, its like i am waiting for the thg to straight runnin into my arms, break my bones and shred my flesh - jst like dat. dammit, its so scary. i dun wanna fail anymore. been there, done dat - i am not afford to fail, again.

the boses really dun knw shyte. the same shyte storm they keep spewing out of their mouth 'u hav to choose the rite thg', 'u gotta be ready, the time will come', 'if the juniors can, y cant u..' and same ol' shyte, again and again.

u speak as if u knew everythg. dumb b*tch. i hate u.

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