Saturday, January 11, 2014


salam. and gd evenin ppl.

i now will be summarizing a lot of stuff. i'm ur host and ur path guide. and i will make the best of dis space to indulge a lil sthg-sthg named homo sapiens. to be honest, i am jst goin to babble my train of tots like i alwyas do. first thg first - its been wonderful. there was a hiccup ere and there, but hey - if it wasnt for dat - wats the point of livin a bloody life. aye? it meant to be headace inducer, herat breaker and mind bogglin topic. so - jst shut up, and live on.

we tend to whine about everythg. and some ppl forget dat ppl actually whine their lil insignificant life. i am bein neither saint no religious - but isnt theres a world waiting for us? the after life. shldnt we chase dat one thang? dat only one thang? well, ur wrong. ok, before getting a smack by any of the guys - lemme rephrase dat. the world we live in is important. no matter how religious ur, lemme say it again - it is important. and u hav to giv it all during dis life. dun say shyte like;

its ok. God will help us later in life.

no, u shldnt keep on sayin dat. u hav to stop tellin urself dat. instead giv ur sorry lil arses a kick. wat i am tryin to say is, make out of everythg in dis world. and live ur life - accordingly.

no, i am not mad. yet i am not good in dealing wit my anger. maybe its not serious as it sounds, but i've been punching my car steering recently. i flipped out when a really good fren of mine made a statement. its too much i think. well, the fact dat i am such a sunnavabitch makin it harder to accept it. well, dammit i am sorry. i knw theres always a problem wit me but i always take the initiative. i always tolerate everythg ppl've given to me. i never hav a problem wit anyone, and believe me when i always hold like most of everybdy dear in my heart. maybe dis time - i shldnt.

i was stumped the fact dat i was dumped wit the reason of me cherishing my best fren. wat went wrong? dats wat made me bald from all the head scratching. i wanted for an answer. well, i tot i was. i learned dis the hard way. i was texting while driving. cussing all the way. i learned maybe, sometime - u dun need an answer. the only thg u need was making ppl happy. the result itself.

but then - dun misunderstand the fact dat i am keepin my anger bcoz of sthg. dun get me wrong. bcoz no matter wat i felt, i chose to forget about it bcoz its never been a problem. for eg; i bought a phone for rm1300 sthg, and i sold it to u for 500. u paid me only 300. maybe u forgotten about it, so i dun really care. it never fcukin mattered.

i love to be around u. ur such an only fren i hav around there in the ofc dat i love hanging out wit. the feeling of security to be around u made me feel kinda good. ur sucha a good fren, at least for me. no matter wat others r sayin about u. really, i dun care for all the problems u gav me. it never mattered. so pls, dun ever say shyte like 'rupanya ko simpan dalam..', coz its fcukin hurt.

i'bve told u it never mattered. it surfaced bcoz u've been acting a whole lot different. before dis i dun really care. really. plus - kalo aku terasa, bukannya sbg kawan - ko berhenti tembak. dah elok sket baru tembak balik? like we r always do. bila ko dah nangis, ada aku terus tembak ko? kalo ko tau aku terasa hati, ada ko terus tembak aku? we stopped talking those thg. we'll wait for a day or two, when we both of us moved on - baru tembak balik. like we always fo. so wats wit the change? argkh.

imagine - we've been best fren for like years - way back then since kita sama2 kat UniSel in Shah Alam. do u really think ur text about anticipation shldnt cut me like a blade slicing indefinitely dis bloody heart of mine? pls tell me dat i shldnt be mad, at all? i love wat we hav. as ur best fren - i really do love u as a fren. i cherish u. so pls - lets make up.

ok. tiber2 mcm sedih sgt. gampang sungguh. ok dats all folk. actualy i was thinkin about future and all dat sizzle but it seems dis mind-train ended up at the back of my head where all the deepest shyte jumbled up together.

hav a good rest, shyte heads. 

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