Wednesday, January 29, 2014

screw u.

and its God's fault?

well, erm, fcuk. ppl jst wanna hurt one another, dun they?

like, physically - and mentally. and financially, spiritually, religiously. racially. i'm-bigger-than-u-so-STFU ally. i mean (again), if i was God and i see upon my 'greatest' creation - dat is humanity, and i trusted em wit dis whole friggin planet, i said 'i giv u brain so u can think and u shld be way bloody smarter than the rest of four-legged and hollow bones and those in seas, u shld make dis a nice beautiful place for all of us'. and now, i wont ever hesitate to wipe the entire humanity, teach em a lesson not to mess wit me.

i mean, dats jst a bloody tot.

and dat is y, u and i arent God, God sake. and thus no way u cld be sure of anythg in the future or the past, nor we hav the power ro change em. time travel? nah, dats a bulshyte.

but we do hav the power to decide. dats the thang guys, decision! there is fate, and its all predetermined and all yeah, but we do make our own decision.

and if its ur decision to hurt me the way u do now, its ur decision to choose me as ur enemy. if its ur decision to lie to me and then u think i cant see it - knw dat i can see rite thru u, i knw ur every step, i knw wat ur made of, i knw wat ur up to, i knw ur every motive. if dis is ur decision and then u say dis is all God's way or His mysterious works, then fcuk u! no, dis is all urs and dun u dare bringing God into anythg at all. never. Gos has no business wit u, u fcuktards religious ppl who always blame and bringing God to every single thang, as id u cant decide on ur very own!

and if u do think of leaving, i dun fcukin mind. as long as u do it nicely and pls dun do a remission in another time.coz i wont trust u, ever.


i am ok. the above nthg to do wit me. its a fren came up and see me, ventilating. i wanted to say out thgs like the above, but i knw she cant take it well. knwing her. poor thang. she'll live life in a similar freakin cycle, again and again.

i've done my part. i hope she'll survive.

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