Saturday, January 18, 2014


PB Batch 1/2013. 

they r done wit the one yr study. and they r back
to where they belong. i had a great time and such an honor to get the chance teaching em all.
perhaps one of the reason was  - Nazmir was there. he never failed to amuse me
and challenged me wit his questions and such - such a mind provoking,
and i obviously like it.
they asked questions like never others did before.

all the best, guys! and be the best.

me and the big, immediate boss - Mr Bong Suadi Hj Hashim.

me and the rest of the gang/colleagues;
Ijad, Abg Mat, Mr Bong, me, Ajak, and Mr Nazri.

Allahyarhamah Siti Nailah, Fina, me and Yus.

no apparent reason for the above 3 pics. 
i jst love it. 
the bonding and such. and perhaps -
one of my fren - arwah Siti Nailah, was there..


shall hit the crib. its been a long day, today. and i feel like feverish.

goodnyte, peeps!

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