Wednesday, January 8, 2014


life is about choices. to choose wats rite for u. wat suits u well. tho sometime - we do think we r left wit no choice to choose - there is still somethg dat can be done, to choose and such.

we r all lookin for somethg in life. somethg we can be proud of. somethg we can cling on to. somethg or someone - to share thgs wit. to live life wit. sometimes - we think wat we r lookin for thg is right in front of us, yet the fact is - we never know if it is, or not - meant for us. we've been around, walked across dat person like thousand times before - yet we never know dats the person who'd ended up bein someone we r lookin for.

the thg is - we never knw wat lies in front of us, to come. the more we push somethg in life - the further it goes. and if we r not lookin out for it - they say thgs wont come to u jst like dat.. 

so which to choose? wat to do? up to u to decide.

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