Sunday, January 19, 2014

i am fat.


wat is it about chubby ppl dat make em lovable and hated at the same time? dis is a scientific fact, i fished it out of hrs and hrs on reading about it, and recently - watching documentaries on NatGeo. there were two pics of a typical fat guy and typical fat gal shown to coupla hundreds correspondents and the results were dat the most adjectives used to describe the guy was lovable, easy to be wit, funny etc etc. meanwhile - the gal got it pretty rough hell yeah - wit lazy, fat-arse, disgusting, boner destroyer and the last one i totally made it up. hiks.

well, as a chubby dude myself - nah, i am not sure if i am chubby, or fat. or buff. or chubby-fat? sigh. ah, apa2 lah. the point is - i hav to say it wld hav to be the combination of several factors. guys - when they r fat BUT still arent morbidly fat - tend to compensate wat they r lacking in hot physique - wit a sense of humor. meanwhile - gals, they think they r fat even they r not. dat alone shows how distorted their views into live, and how deeply rooted their problem is - and it doesnt hav to be illuminati-generated, Freemanson-scandals' sham, but the capitalism which generally operated wit a simple formula of gals r main consumers - and they r dependent to men even tho they made u believe the feminist revolution somehow changes the role-play, and dat if the Victoria's Secret;s billboard says dats wat the men want. heh.

i mean - dats wat we want. dammit.

the truth is - far less simple but not as simple as it sound. men r as shallow as gals. 

and dats dat.

so, the limelight back to where it belong; me. excuse me wihle i'm feelin grandeur for a brief moment out of my depressing miserable day, but i can pretty say dat i am pretty lovable. am i rite? rite? rite?? ha ha

i hav dis pathological narcissistic disorder where i hav a strong feeling dat i am pretty convenient and nice to be around. my face maybe slightly ketat, but hell - i am a nice guy. hey, the laundry shop knws my name, the akak nasik lemak bawah pokok knws my name, plus makcik jual kueh tepi jalan pagi2 aku dok beli masalodeh tu pun knws my name. and where i live, and ppl always remember my face, tho same cannot said about my ability to recognize faces and remembering names. i think the explanation to dat had to be dat i am a bit exotic (puke), or extraordinarily ordinary, or dat i am delusional. either way, i am memorable.

and wit the perception of me being lovable (pls, say no objections on dis matter - jst for a while), it somehow gives ppl a notion dat i hav no feeling, or not able to feel hurt. or offended.

truth is, i am. i hurt, easily. and i am fat.

dammit, nasik krabs! esok no more.


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