Saturday, January 25, 2014

hipster? wtf.

welcome to my next session of rambling. i am ur host, ur jury and ur sex slave. err. i'll be givin u info which most probably not true, but hell - i knw u dun care and ur jst goin to read dis post of mine as fast as possible w/o thinkin twice (some mght use the words 'glancing'), then clicking the 'close tab' button. sampai hati. ok, shall we begin?

"its Twitter for u and not FB".
lemme xplain to uols. nowadays ppl adore hipster. its the truth. no matter how many ppl deny it, theres always dat speck of feelin or ambition to be a hispter. sudeh. ko jgn dok buat muka mcm tu. aku tau ko pun sama mcm org lain jugak. eh? and, esp in ur chosen categories. for example - being a pioneer in a really good music. dis can be showed a few yrs back. when, dis sort of ppl introduced the Harlem Shake to their frens. nah, dun u lie to me. they wanted to tell u dat..

Danced to Harlem Shake.

(bubuh gambar ko kat sini, dol)

Before it was cool.

see wat i mean? a ah, do not get me started on Oppa Gangnam Style! or Gentleman. 

it is related to the topic i wanted to share wit u. u knw wat is the reason of the existence of hipsters? its all about bein mainstream or wat-not. they hated-shyte which r common. before dis, Friendster is the thg dat make us happy. at least, giving excitement to lil humans in surfing the web, connecting wit long lost relatives and ur 13yrs-of-crush. some ppl say, a stalker. i wanted to look those guys as proactive. the guy who became the definition of popular idiom, 'strike the iron while its hot'. or watever.

hipster like to be the one who pioneered the trending topics. wearing all dis vintage clothes and shyte. simpan misai pjg2 masuk mulut penuh kuah kari bagai mcm Wak Doyok. then u sit there at the corner pintal2 misai ko smpai bergulung2, and u feel good about it. u admired em pakai seluar ketat senteng, and ko nak pakai jugak - w'pun bontot and peha ko besar mcm buah cempedak kat pasar. and dat happened wit FB. when Friendster was the 'shizzle, they r using FB. now, its all about tweeting. some may argue dat Twitter has been there floating on the web for ages. i agree. but now, i am serving my point. wait for it.

Twitter is a simple social service where it works like a bloody charm. i am very confused wit Twitter even when i joined wit few yrs back. then somewhere in last yr, i started to tweet as serious as it gets bcoz i think it is fun. sometime i dun think the word fun justify wat i felt at the moment, but then - its safe to say, its insightful. lemme explain. first of all, theres news. trust me, no other news spread as fast as a Twitter account. its easy. the fcuked up part is, u hav to find the proper source. in the other words, u need to follow or subscribe ppl's tweet.

so, by relating the hipster and Twitter, u can see a lot of good stuff showed in timeline. wit the mentality of some ppl, putting a so-called poems, creative phrases, jadah-ko-nyer-lawak-neh it made Twitter a better place. furthermore, wit a limited 160 characters per tweet, dis gives u a push in making a very spontaneous, short but witty tweets. owh, lupa kan gambar2 ko ber-selfie dpn cermin tiap2 pagi tu. tak de makne nyer. and trending all over the world if its a good one. dat will make u popular. at least u feel happy about urself bcoz u knw deep inside, they r feeling wat ur feeling as u tweeted the those.

Twitter giv dis space, for ppl to understand his/her mind. it doesnt matter if he's an actor, a philosopher or jst a medic stdnt. u can see, the real insight of ur frens, stdnts, lecturers, crush or even ur daughter. yet, Twitter is a scary place. bcoz ppl who adored chaos always choose to hurt others feeling using Twitter. dis hipsters make their own rules when using Twitter and force others to obey em. well, if u think about it - dats how thw world works. to all those midget, toddlers, babies and pigs out there - i am sorry to say, u were born in a very bad time - where rock and rolls never mattered and Justin Bieber is ur Perdana Menteri

Jibby-who? eh.

tu je la kot for tnite. dats all for my rambling. Twitter is good. esp wit those circle of frens, whom u trust. on the other hand, if ppl r blocking u - its a sign u were dumped and hated. tak payah la nak bg bermacam2 alasan. been there, as well. in FB, its a different case. FB is like having a surat beranak. a list of friendship certificate. u knw ur not on the same page to dat particular one person, but its all on surface. u hav like thousands of frens in FB, but u knew only a few. and the rest - superficial. the real shyte is on Twitter. where the ppl r actually talking shyte about u. and u hav to talk shyte about em as well. meanwhile, on FB - both of u jst posted a pic of both of u guys commemorating the anniversary of fren-bulshyte-ship.

procrastinating? not FB. its Twitter, b*tch.


ok. ini promo. follow lah kalo nak follow.
kalo tak nak, STFU.
and owh, followers tak la beribu raban.. and i am ok wit dat!

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