Friday, January 31, 2014

happy bird day!

its the day, of every year. a once a year kinda day. u used to wait for it, but as for me now - i cldnt care less. i think.

now i am a year older now. happy bird day to me.

2013 was rough for me. i went thru shyte like most of the time. i lost some chances, i was down, in deep shyte. its like somethg happened to u, and it completely changed u all over, up side down. u were drowned in questions - y u, y now, how and such. until u realize dat bkn semua dlm idup neh, ada jawapan for everythg in dis universe.. i hav no reason to turn back, for i only one chance - to look forward, and enjoy everyday yg dtg. waking up and bein able to take a deep breathe and carry on for the rest of the day - tu pun dah cukup besar rahmatNya utk aku. and i wont go asking for more.

and dis year - i want to start all over again. i hav to cope up wit thgs. i hav to really take care of myself, coz if i am not, nbdy wld. i wanna prove myself is a worth while. and i want to challenge my own self and see where wld it brings me.



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