Monday, January 13, 2014

half a day, wit me.

the alarm screamed out loud by 5.30am. i cant remember brp kali aku hit the snooze and get snoozed away. wat i remember was, by 5.45am - aku dah in towel, walkin like half Zombie to the wash room. amek wuduk and such - i had all the time in the world wit my only Allah Taala to myself, seblm azan Subuh. dat was the best time for me - everyday - senyap, sunyi, aku never feel so close to anyone or wnythg at all, rather than me and the God above. azan Subuh - aku terus solat, and jumped back in towel.

6.10am and it was still early for me - aku went downstairs jst like tiap2 ari - get a big mug of air kosong, and off down my tummy. naik balik, did some lite strecthing - sits up, squats and such, for a while. depends on how rajin i am - otherwise aku terus stand under the shower. as usual - 2 things will be in my mind while aku were standing under the shower; a) wonder wats for the day, and how its gonna be.. or, b) wonderin y on earth i am standing there - under the shower. 10mins minimum - and i am done wit the shower. pakai baju tie sumer, went down, made myself a mug of warm milk (instead of Nescafe nowadays), down wit all the pills and aku off behind the wheel.

normally, like usually - aku akan singgah kedai kueh makcik tepi jalan, and get myself 3 ketul kueh. a ketul 30cents, 3 ketul 90cents. wat kueh is very subjective - dats wat i said lah. tp frankly enuff, aku rasa makcik kedai tu pun dah tau kueh apa aku akan beli - seketul masalodeh, 2 ketul karipap. or 2 ketul masalodeh, karipap seketul. either way lah. and most of the time - time driving, aku akan on the radio - to keep myself up wit the latest news, songs etc, and aku akan munching the masalodeh away, very very slowly and nicely - so dat obviously seketul pun dah buat aku kenyang rite till 10am - while enjoyin the view, the madness all the super-daddies and super-mommies bring time rushing anta anak masing2 ke skol and such. parked my car where it shld be, bring all the stuffs out - and thumbed in.

normally aku - aku paling awal. or Mr Bong. or me. or either one of us.

smpai meja, on komputer. pi pantry on semua tempat masak air etc. kemas2 sket, and bukak organizer. settle pe2 penting before 8am. ari neh - kelas 11am - so aku settled marking case clerking sket, and turun assembly. jmpak Ajak, Amer, KF and few others. sembang2 sket. bersosial pe patut. done wit it - aku balik meja. go thru few materials for the class. 11am kelas. jerit2 sket. perform pe patut. tnya sotlan, jawab sotlan, and i called it the day. 12.45pm aku balik meja. ofc kosong. ramai dah pi lunch kot.. walked alone to the pantry, toasted some roti, had em wit some of my fav peanut butter. tgk2 FB. tegur2 makcik2 yg kuar masuk pantry. tgk2 Instagram. belek2 Twitter. by 2pm, siap Zohor.

now ere i am. esok cuti. dats all dat matters.buat keje sket, masuk Asar solat. off to gym by 5pm. 7pm head home. mandi, Maghrib, lite dinner, idiotbox, tido. and the cycle starts all over again, trow.

boring eh? sigh. i think i am. boring person. boring life.

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