Sunday, January 12, 2014


did u knw, most of the thgs i've written ere is for me, for my sanity - and not for anyone else? i mean - most of it. yes, its like i am actually talking to myself. the pronoun i frequently used is "u" and dat "u" is me. call me a psycho but who cares?

but seriously, dun take anythg i write too seriously. hell, i've been told by some of my frens dat i sounded miserable in my blg. like seriously? i too, often re-read my posts and feel 'wat the fcuk dis whinny b*tch so stress about, i too facing the shyte - shut the fcuk up!'. to be honest, it wasnt vey common practice for me to write when i am angry or sad or depressed on in deep shyte, i usually jst keep mum when those thgs came. in few days later when i had gathered some strength - the i wld write. wat a pussy.

and i realised nbdy commenting any more. perhaps nobdy reads it either. aku ingat lagi time e-kawan dulu, pantang je aku post entry - bersepah2 org komen. tak pe lah. i dun mind pun. i do the writing for i want to. it helps me a lot - to at least stay sane.the blog helps me, like, u knw - someone listens to me. like really listen. the thg is - being a guy who always 'ok' and 'positive', ppl always count on u to fart rainbow and glitter out ur arse. it certainly doesnt help dat i am a compulsive liar, pretty much like 'the boy who cried wolf', its jst good fun. but is hard for ppl and myself to take me seriously.

so tq. pls make my day. yes, i am in a very good mood tnite. and i am off crashing! gdnyte.

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