Wednesday, January 15, 2014

apa-apa lah.

i hav a lot of questions and not so much solution for all questions given. i hate dis, seriously. to be drowned wit questions and u hav no answers for it. 

dis is tiring.

y, every time - when i am being sweet - there must be some one to be dropping the 'bad news'? for example - when i took an effort wishing u 'good nite' or 'good morning', and u go 'ok' to it. huh? is dat the way u answer it? mana ko belajar? its like thunder clapping. and dis morning - i knw it is goin to be a long day today for me - and i wanted to be nice. i wished everyone yg aku jumpak - and they did wished me back. i do feel nice. but Amer - he was like sengih2 and went..

ko ni pe hal ari ni Shah? boleh tak ko pi..

what? pi mana? Pangkor? Mid Valley? Tabung Haji? KLCC? Danga Bay?

seriously i am not sure wat is wrong wit him. or wit the everbdy, in fact. kalo aku serious, payah. kalo aku tryin to be nice, pun payah. like every fcukin time.

so, i am angry? no. dats the definite answer. cuma aku meluat. serious meluat. 

yes. aku ok. aku ari ni whole day kelas - i wont let any bulshyte influenced me and made me a monster. go to the class, and bein a monster in no good. no good for u. not fair for the stdnts. 


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