Saturday, January 11, 2014

and its Sad-ur-day!

ok - its Saturday. and who works on Saturday? dun ask, coz i am not. and its been raining all day today - since yesterday morning, to be precise. no many ppl on the road as well. coz its Saturday. its an off day. and it raining, dammit.

but ere i am - in the ofc. aku hav to cover Psychology - Human Development at 2 rite till 5pm. yes. on Saturday. blerkgh. and thinkin about all the faces i will be havin in the class soon enuff to make me feel like.. eh, bley tak kensel je kelas ari ni, eh? mcm tu. imagine dis - after lunch. nap hrs. Saturday. rainy day. Psychology. Zombies. staring-at-u-sir-but-u-knw-hell-yeah-i-am-not-ere kinda thang. phewww.. tuff one.

maybe i shld shooo em all to the library. but then - r they gonna be there in the library God sake? its Saturday, mind u. or.. maybe i can cut short the whole thang. dis is no kiddo nye classes. they r all besar bagak, and they shld be doin self-directed learning way better now. but before off doin the SDL - they need some in-put as well, kan? ermm.. or, owh - i shld giv em some assignments. haaa.. bg tajuk, shoooo em off doin thgs on their own. how they do it, wat on earth they'll be doin - i dun hav to worry. the outcome dat matters. caneh? ok tak?

nah, its hundreds of em all. and aku not keen to mark all the assignments, seriously. so not me.

perhaps i shld jst go to the class, carry on wit the class - and try as good as i can to get all the stndts on the track - so at the end of the day; i am done wit mine, and they'll get wat they shld be gettin. ofkoz lah i wont go rite up till 5pm - dats so not me. aku dun believe in thgs like u sit down for hrs, and learn - thru out the allocated hrs. as long as they stdnts shld be gettin wat they shld - 30mins pun tak pe. nbdy can sit there like an Agong for whole 3hrs and listen to lectures.

and aku pun sama. wit voice like dis - darn i am gonna be a dead meat, surely hell.

and yes, its Saturday God sake. its Saturday. its raining hell yeah out there.

and trust me - i dun wanna be in ere, either! huwaaa..

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