Saturday, January 4, 2014

a ah, not quite rite!

if ur a teacher.. or a lecturer.. or a father or even a mother - when u asked question, and ur stdnt, child or watever not - put some effort in answerin - how is dat feels for u? do u ever think dat it is easy God sake - when a teacher/lecturer throw some questions to the floor and bein kind enuff not pointing to anyone in particular to answer it? trust me. it aint easy. coz i've been there in dat kinda shoes - as a stdnt for God sake, so many years. and i knw how it is.

let alone if ur havin a 'evil' kinda lecturer - tiap kali sotlan, asyik muka ko je dia nampak. and he/she will never accept such answers like 'i am not sure la sir', 'er, sir.. sy tak tau' kinda shyte like dat. trust me - been there as well. dat is the time when suddenly u feel like the the whole bloody world cave in on u, and its like 'bley tak aku bunuh diri je skang?' wit all others r staring at u, waiting for every single words jumpin outta ur mouth.

i gez semua org went thru it well. eh?

now dat i am wat i am - aku love doin it to the stdnts as well. its like, 'dulu aku selalu kena soal dgn cikgu.. skang its ur turn!!' *evil laugh*. well, if ur in my shoes - now, u'd do the same. haha.. i mean - the positive side is - by doin dat, u'll keep the stdnts on track, tak ke laut and the 2-ways communication is there, God sake. otherwise - u'll be there in front of hundreds of em all, standing like tiang bendera - not sure if stdnts faham ke tidak. eh?

cuma cara aku lain sket. kalo stdnts jwb w/o aku pointing to anyone in particular - i'll appreciate it, as it is. mcm aku ckp tadi, dia dah try the best nak jwb - ko tak pyh la plak nak buat mcm bagus plak. a lil appreciation wld change the whole world.

even dia jawab tak btul.

seingat aku - selama aku lecturing - aku will appreciate every answers yg stdnts bagi. w/pun kdg2 tak masuk akal. since tak masuk akal ko, tp ada dlm akal dia - dats consider creative, and ur not. salah atau betul - tu kemudian. and aku never, like never ever (seingat aku) tell rite to the stdnts' face like 'eh, salah!', 'heh, tak btol!', 'mana ko blaja?', or 'eh, diam la bodoh. salah, k!'. never. aku lagik prefer to use 'not quite right'. coz bg aku - psychologically; everybdy wld definitely catch dat phrase 'quite right' and dat will make em feel good. or at least ok. rather than 'ur dead wrong!', sumpah bdk2 tu sentap sethn refused to jawab anythg dah lps tu. talk about self-esteem, self-pride, etc.

w'pun, literally 'not quite right' tu maksudnya 'tak berapa nak betul' and tak berapa nak betul tu maksudnya 'salah' lah, kan? hiks.. its how u re-arrange the words and such. i think. tell em 'not quite right' and then re-emphasize wit the correct answer. 

and the world will be a proper place to stay in. ha ha

one of my stdnt's Tweet.
exactly every word - i mean, word by word
dr mulut aku. haha

so smlm - first class for me. 1 jam je pun. barely a taklimat on Psyche Case Clerking and MSE je kot. and those the above. few stdnts answered me wrongly, and as usual 'not quite right' came out of my mouth. and for the first time - aku explain such, and the whole class laughed out loud.

ok la. at least they knw they r wrong, and they can take it cool the way it is. and i am glad.


kuliah Subuh pg tadi. rasa nak demam still in me, semlm 1 jam on treadmill, berpeluh like a pig and aku lupa nak bring my drink. balik rmh - rasa nak demam. so many thgs to do - before Monday comes in, yet aku so lazy to start a bit pun. argkh.

owh, btw - my scoot new dah in. a new Yamaha scoot. aku dah rempit around the neighborhood pun smlm. hahaha


hav a great weekend fellas! and stay cool.

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