Friday, December 27, 2013

traces u leave behind.

i dun follow the trend of keepin it short. i love mine elaborated, in neat details and all -even the most simplistic has details in the color, design and feeling. over? lantak ko lah.

but heres come the catch - i am not a particular person. i can oversee wat i hav in front of my bloody eyes, literally and figuratively. maybe the habit of taking a step backward and see the whole big picture - or portrait bcoz i like portrait more (hiks), is finally backfired.

its like when u taking one step backward too many times - u lost it, and u kinda see the whole thgs as, well - good.

but its depressing to go into details. really, it is. i am not sure about u, but it is - lately, for me. try for urself if u dun believe me. u see - everythg u've done so far in ur life, leaves traces. on ppl, on thgs, on time. they do and they will haunt u one day when u least xpcting em to. they r like ghosts in a rumah hantu, u knw they'll come but i still helluva in a shock when they come.

no. not wit dat stupid Villa Nabila and all those bangang nyer story, i am sorry.

some day i'll learn dat it is true dat some ppl r not destined to be great. they not destined to be in the textbooks or Forbes' 10 Most Inspiring Figures, or US Weekly 10 Hottest in Bikini. kinda thang. but i believe, everybdy leave traces of their deds on ppl, on thgs. and time. and these traces affected ppl - for some, greatly. 

and maybe wit dat optimistic naive thinkin - everybdy can be great.

incldng me.


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