Wednesday, December 25, 2013

some place else..

i wanna be some place else, rite now. i wanna be in some kinda economy class train travelling to other part of the country. i wanna be in a dodgy or expensive bus; i dun really care which one but my time do, to some island, or mountains. or forest. and i dun wanna drive.

i dun wanna be stuck in the same place for months. years. waiting life to happened, swarmed myself wit the wonderful virtual images from around the bloody world or close to my home and wanting to go there but dun, when the world is happenin - out there, rite now!

i wish for a late nite self-reflection session wit my feet dipped into the sand, laying on the beach wit the soft sand caressin my back, so i can count the stars (sigh) and gaze into the dark space, into myself. i wanna hear the sound of waves crashing softly, the sound of wind bringing the news from a world across - tellin its story. i wanna be on a bed in some comfy cheap hotel, ready to go to sleep - wit a tired body and huddled mass - but so happy for the adventure i've had during the day, and close my eyes wit a smile - hoping another great adventure trow morn.

i wanna see the faces of travellers from around the world, gathered in a place some ppl believe scared, some ppl jst appreciate it jst becoz its some kinda magical and beautiful. where each and every one of em has the same reason - to escape. i want my time to run slow - so i can catch all the thgs i left behind, and i'll hav enuff space to deal wit everythg.

i wanna be some place else. anywhere pretty but ere.


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