Friday, December 27, 2013


i am jst so unhappy. and i dun knw how to tell, or how to express it out well. i am surprised at how i handle all these thgs. i dun say i handled it pretty well so far - but i handle em and got em in my hand nonetheless. so true - u wont be tested wit somethg beyond ur ability. and dat mankind is strong creature - dats how we survived plagues and climate changes and alien invaders.

alien inveders? watever lah.

sometimes - i do hope there is a parallel universe where i can be whereever or whoever i wanna be. where i can choose wat i want w/o any obligations or the notion dat i supposed to. where i'm some kinda tall, cool, handsome and less-hitam kid who everyone wants to be wit, and to be become.

to those kinda guys - live well my king. u enjoy, i will hold as long as i can. dammit.


erm, on leave and nthg to do - left my brain wit lots of thgs to think. i gez dis is not-so-cool. perhaps i need to go out for a while.

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