Tuesday, December 17, 2013

moaning! hehe

jumped under the shower by 6.45am, i knew it was damn late. hell yeah. by the time the alarm screamed the shyte out of it at 5.30am - aku still rasa mcm baru je tdo, and aku kept hitting the snooze button again and again.. until 6.30am - i was like.. damn, giler ahh!

now aku feel like a dead meat. a Zombie. seriously.

7.30am, aku dah kat ofc. went up to see Mr Bong, he congratulated me on previous nite event. haih, bukan aku pun yg organised. its the stdnts' after all. but then again, aku jst said thanks and off back to my ofc.

Pn Mages dok bugged me to go down for a breakfast wit her. blergkh. mmg la breakfast provided, tp again - seriously - aku feel so friggin lazy in doin semua2 benda today. and the bengkel i am attending (smpai esok), God sake pls - aku rasa nak bom je the hall, and walk off mendada dgn rasa dignity mcm dlm filem2 mat saleh itew..

cant wait for next week. its Christmas yaww!!

ok. jadah Christmas? aku raya jgk ka? haih.

nice Tuesday, peeps.

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