Saturday, December 28, 2013

life is..

January soon. i knw - we still hav days to go. haih. as i am steppin into a 'real' adulthood, yrs of glorious breathing, walking, surviving, i like to think myslf as more matured and more adult than before. say, its been a long time since someone asked me how old i am. i mean - hold on, not dat long ago i think. coupla days back, to be precise. huh. dat has to be weird when i asked the other person to giv it a guess - and the answer was like, expected. omaigosh - shld i reveal the truth? i am so old. God its so ridiculous. how time flies so fast. i mean - i barely cleaned off the stains of young-hood and now i am.. dammit. dis is so depressing.

ok, dat phase out. see son, i am .. and i like to see myself and considered myself of serious and experienced. i think. so, there is a great tips on how to lead and keep a happy life i wanna share wit u. 

no bulshyte. 

well, i mean - if ur one aspiring person and u see ppl around u and u think - hey, y these ppl r happy? i mean - we r each day every morn get up and putting and risking our lives on a thread jst to ended up being disappointed? if u hav dat kinda experience, welcome to a whole life of disappointment and depression.

as u may knw, life is not peachy and fruity as u had imagined while ur a kiddo. its tuff, mind u - hard and unfair. its muck like the dining hall lady who refused to giv u extra wings.. xcpt in the end u get a wing but in life u'll get nthg. seriously. yes. maybe, once in a blue moon - u'll get lucky and somethg happening to u, but count ur blessing son - bcoz its not gonna be long. trust me.

so son - heres the tips. dun look at pictures of happy times (eg; vacations, dinners, havin crazy times etc) when thgs go flat, rite on the ground. it'll jst make u sad. way terrible than u ever think. make u wonder where the time goes. sigh.

ok. dats all for now. i am goin to jump into the shower, and cont my readin these articles on Tunisian revolution - bcoz i hav a great feelin dat it'll sooner dawn on us the youth dat maybe the same thang cld happen to our country. i sure do cross my fingers - the current government is too boringly arrogant and above the cloud to heard us humans.

hav a good rest, peeps!

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