Tuesday, December 24, 2013


i believe in the deepest heart of every man - lies kindness. each and every one of us r sympathetic to others' suffering. God created us as in a way dat we wld response to pledge of help. we r bonded by phylum, by species, by blood and all the cells in our body - to each other.

we can put ourselves in the shoes of another person.

at least - dats wat i believe. but the world taught me dat its not true. dat out there - is darkness, out there is ur destruction. i was told to keep all 6 senses intact when u talk. 6 senses? now dats bulshyte.

but do u care? theres no good samaritan. the only good samaritan u hav jst want a good hit at yr wallet. dammit.

prove em wrong, pls.

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