Friday, December 27, 2013


by 8.20am, aku dah smpai kolej. yes - aku still on leave, but then again aku hav like 4hrs of classes nd aku refused to re-scheduled. since aku ada je kat ipoh neh, i think i'd rather pi sekejap, get done wit the hrs and off balik smbg cuti. started the class rite on, since smlm lagik aku dah janji nak start kelas at 8.15am. 

and the tot of by 12.15pm baru bley balik rumah - thank God, by 11am aku dah kat rumah. the stndts asked me if they can jst stay back and get the done wit hrs - tak payah break 30mins in between - well, dammit i am glad. tak pyh aku merayau and dtg balik to finish up the rest of the hrs.

get done wit Stratification and Socialisation abes - off aku let go the stdnts out of the class. its Friday after all - watpe ko nak contain stdnt2 tua neh - while ko tau otak masing2 dah kat kg? its Friday weh! above all, i am glad to see em all glad as well.

singgah kedai bawah pokok, hav my capati dua kpg sorg2. kinda sucks to hav meals on ur own, alrite.

smpai rmah - iron baju Mlyu for Jumaat. aku cant help to think of abah - how each time, each Jumaat - kalo aku kat kg; he'd asked mak to ask me iron baju melayu dia wit kain pelikat. and aku dun mind.. since aku mmg jenis suka iron baju. and iron baju melayu abah - u need to knw the tactics and such. kolar kena iron btol2. tgn baju kena lipat 3 kali, then iron bagi kemas. since abah tak suka lipat tgn baju and then nanti it went melorot tak kemas etc. kain pelikat pun kena iron bagi kemas. i knew it all, and i gez dats y he loved it then. aku cant help to feel sayu think of all dat. 

done wit it - aku feel like to call mak and talk about it. and only then aku decided not to. aku put down the phone thinkin dat wldnt be a good idea. wat if mak sedih? wat if i make her re-call all such memories and mak nanges? sigh. 

and by the urge of sharing dat tot wit someone - aku finally sit down ere, ngadap lappy - and dis is wat i do. 

i am not sure if it'd be meaningful to u - but i gez it'll help me a bit..


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