Wednesday, December 25, 2013


in the chill, quiet air of dawn we wake up, to fill ourselves wit some of wat our tongues can work wit, wat wit the stale taste of after-sleep and those dried lips.

u supposed internet can make a person smarter, u knw wit the access of info only short of a Google search, those Tweets u read, and a lil lite readin. supposedly the influx of info to the mainstream shld make ppl realise - or think about the current condition - or at the cost of dun want to run political - i will announce it as a general statement, everythg. my point is - darn ppl shld be smarter.

but, jst see for urself. the amount of blogs we hav on the net. blog, for one thg gives the owner a self-entitlement of importance. i knw dat well. it used to be celebrities talking on the magazine about the most trivial, non-importance shytes. now - everyone is doin the same. exactly who bloody cares wat u eat at lunch and who the hell u eat wit. also, y is exactly ur blog is full of the same articles i get from news and entertainment sites? 

and we hav tumblr! a collection of stuffs we do not own, random hipster-ish thang of y-the-fcuk-i-care.

also, the importance do these ppl hav to declare dat everyone shld be wit em in everythg, all the fcukin time. stand by their opinion. granted, i may be guilty for doin the same for some time - but then, i learnt to simply accept dat others mght hav different opinion than me. and its the same right, for both of us to critisize one another, no harm done.

clearance, dats all i am askin. i hav opinions bcoz i hav formed mine from readin, observing thgs, current situations and some circumstantial evidence. and when i asked em to fcukin provide me and xplain to me y they think dis and dat - they run and resorted to the last dirtiest tactic - sarcasm, religion, and other common fcuk-eries and stupid fcuk-tards. fcuk it.

fcuk those arse-lickers. fcuk these ppl. sigh.


maybe i shld try to crash again, now. 

i am sorry. gdnyte.

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