Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Graduation Dinner K28. done. everything is done. the laughter. the good time. and at the end of it - we shake hands, we hug one another, and the tears came rolling down the cheeks.

sentimental for me. and it mean a lot as well. imagine dis - 3 whole yrs ur there wit all of em, thru thick and thin, thru ups and downs. u laugh wit em, u scolded em, u screamed shyte out of ur lungs to all of em - and yet u love them - no doubt. its like u knw the feelin grows in u; the love and such - but u cant jst show em, for u gotta be hard and tough in front of em. u go spread the good thgs u knew in em all, and when u cried - u cried alone.

i learn a lot. 3 yrs built me up into a different person. and 3yrs i had all the boys and the gals infront of me - but now, starting trow - thgs will be different. thgs will change. and its inevitable. 

i drove back from the dinner wit tears in my eyes. theres so many memories, so many good thgs i picked up along the way - not to mention all the bad and the hard thang. i cant believe time flies so fast - 2011, and now its the end of 2013. 

reached home to empty head, and cant help feeling numb. coupla days back i had like a huge responsibilities burden down my shoulders - for the past 3 yrs now - and trow, by the time i wake up for the sleep, trow - thgs will be completely different. the free-feeling, and yet the empty-ness for the responsibilities dat gone. 

i am goin to jump into the shower, get my Isya' done and off crawling under the duvet - forcing my eyes off, forgetting the whole tears i had tonite. 

for trow - its a new day. its a brand new day. 

and the days wont be the same - anymore - w/o K28 around.



i love u guys. no matter how bad i am, no matter how hurt it was to hav my 'penampar' stung on ur face - i only hav one thg in mind; i wanna hav the best for u guys. i want u guys to learn, and live life as it is. i want u guys to live, and learn. and stimes - it takes a hard way to learn sthg new. and it takes all the pain in the whole world to gain sthg new.

i am sorry for all the lackin in me, for i believe i alrdy did the best for u guys.

if i wont see u again - remember dis - live life, be free. dun let life, leaves u. and u hav only one life, so be the best. and always strive for the very best.

i love u guys. all of ur sucha gift, to me.


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