Saturday, December 14, 2013


i am bored. like so fcukin bored. i feel like i am livin in a tiny box and i am gettin too damn bloody big for it. no pun intended, and fcuk u.

i cant help but feelin lole i am stagnating. i move to from dis to dat but there is really nthg to be looking for.

all i need is a  revitalizing break. but the impending doom of a future wit serious thgs at work keep buggin me. fcuk all those non-stop work dat need to be done. fcuk u all the bosses up there.

when i was a lil kid, mom and teachers taught me dat u cant say dat life isnt fair. God be mad. but i cant help but dammit, yes; life isnt fair. but then, i also learn dat God knws ur limit. and He will not out u to test beyond those u can overcome. and after a few hard evidence of these occurrences happen rite before my eyes, i believe in those words.

dis too, shall over. and dis too, i shall overcome. 


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