Thursday, November 28, 2013

kemuncup aka love grass.

kemuncup aka love grass.

when i was little, my parents wld say - 'dun chew ur fingernails!', so i did it in private. they wld say, dun pick ur face - so i wld pick at scabs in places they cldnt see. one time i scratched and tore at the skin on my knee until it became gangrenous and smelled like a rotting flesh.

disgusted? so i am.

but it gave me relief. and they wld say, 'dun worry'. only i did. always annoying.. 

once, i was playing at the playground, and i was wearing a long track-bottom. me and my frens we had fun runnin, playin as if the whole world belongs to us. it was nearly time for me to go home when i realized my track-bottom were loaded wit kemuncup (love grass) from the field. my stomach felt sick. i felt light-headed and nauseous.

wat if kalo mak tgk suar aku yg penuh kemuncup neh? she wld likely scold, yell and probably hit me. at the very least. darn i was terrified.

so i sat down at the corner of the playground, and i plucked the love grass one by one for wat seemed like hours and hours. when it was time to go home, i was certain i had earned a full-blown beating.

except dis time - DIS time. i got lucky. she din notice. OR, she was in a good mood. either way, dat moment in time was cemented in my head, until now.

so much so - dat to dis day, aku sgt2 tak gemar merayau di padang or park yg penuh dgn kemuncup. and each time - dat moment where aku sat by the corner of playground, anxiously plucking off the love grass. hoping and praying hard dat thgs will be OK.

those days.

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