Wednesday, November 27, 2013


its been a month now since aku last update the blog. as usual - procrastination do me bad. and when i am about to conclude em in a writing, i think its wat too late since cerita pun dah basi. thus - the failure. furthermore, lately i've been doin kinda bz myself - wit life, work and such. 

today - aku managed to settle coupla thgs at work. i am done wit appointment dgn new stdnts on their HSR nye tajuk - few of em aku sent em back for minor alteration, and some of em aku luluskan saja since they've been corresponding wit me thru email and watsapp and such. and as usual - i'll try as good as i can to facilitate em, rather frustrate em all. long as they do hav the effort, i am all out to help. as easy as dat.

by 1pm, aku already left the building. i am still feverish, and long for a proper crash. so i took half-day off, and head home. hoping dat i'll catch some crashing - but at the end of all dis - i found  myself lying there in the middle of the pillows, staring into the air, aimlessly. dammit i am sooo feel like crashin, but the bloody eyes refused to do so. sigh.

so i hit the road by 6pm, and off to Kolam Renang DBI kat stadium Ipoh. been a while. and i do hope it'll be a good idea, since i am havin a temperature and i shld be berendam to keep myself cold. and it went well. aku siapMaghrib kat sana, and continue my berenang and such. dah lama aku tak berenang, tho kelas berenang pun tak abes - at least aku still can do the simple one. aku stayed in the water rite till 8.45pm smpai kolam tutup. and literally aku was shiverin sejuk. huhuhu

and trow, aku still hav few task pending dat i need to get it done before end of the month. November is ending, Disember will be coming in w/in coupla days. darn how fast time flies.

i gotta go, nak iron baju. esok batik yaww.. haih. i hate batik day, God sake.

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