Thursday, November 28, 2013


if u want the world to be a better place, then u gotta work to make it a better place. if u see sthg as a problem, then take responsibility for implementing a workable solution - its a waste of time to prove how bad thgs r. darn it wont help.

instead - put yr tots, ur passion, ur energy and efforts into making thgs better.

when u find some aspect of life to be frustrating, or unjust, or abusive - dun go and complain, or assign blame. u gotta come up wit a positive alternative.

life changes in every moment. its inevitable. u like it or not, life will keep changing. so use dis moment to make some changes for the better. the future does not hav to equal to the past. u can choose ur future by wat u do wit wat u hav, rite now.

and just becoz ur stuck in a difficult situation, doesnt mean u'll be forever there. for its up to u - make some changes for the better, and move ur life in the direction u choose. 

or u stay there, and get obsolete. 


hav a great Thor-sDay, peep.

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