Sunday, October 13, 2013

when u hav nthg to say.


i want to to begin by explainin how i write and blog. some of my fellow bloggers r so darn talented, so diligent and so regular in their postings. and i envy em. i like dat about em. i knw exactly wat to xpct each week from em.

i, on the other hand - am not so regular. lately. in fact - i believe there was a period of time somewhere close to coupla weeks when i posted completely almost nthg in ere. i used to be regular - early in the morn., at work, after work, before crashing. i write more when i am down. and when i am doin ok - i hav the tendency to forget the whole thang. but - dis coupla weeks back - i posted nthg din mean i am doin OK. i gez i was kinda hooked up wit loads of shyte in mind and not sure how and when to start tellin the tales.

i apologize for the inconsistency in blog posts.

my goal is to write few meaningful posts each week. meaningful. ha ha. but sometimes i hav more to say and i'll post more in a row. other times, i'll hav nthg to share (or maybe i dun feel like to share, at all) or i am busy wit life-stuff. u knw how dat goes, aye?

and u guys out there - i believe there r 3 groups of u guys. 1) silent reader - u really read. for u wanna read. 2) u read to knw me well. u wanna knw wat i am up to and such. and when u get to knw me well, u read no more. 3) u used to read - i mean, like all.. u used to. but now, no more. 

owh, watever dat is - thank you.

i jst wanted to xplain to u all, esp any new readers so u wont be disappointed or annoyed (really? hahaha.. maksud aku - ada ke org dok membaca dis blog at the first place? huhuhu). i will try to write when i hav somethg important to say. or to vent. kemain.

and i hope wat dat is - will be worth the wait.

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