Tuesday, October 29, 2013

sthg for nthg.

i am back to the old track - struggling to fall asleep; nthg new, i knw. nthg really bothers me for real, i think - but its like dat - i cant sleep when i cant sleep, and thgs will be disaster for the whole trow (i am not praying for it tho), jst like while day yesterday. i had thgs in mind - and i need to let it out. nthg sweet or personal, jst dat i feel like writing. its been a while, i knw..


plenty of ppl will promise u sthg for nthg, yet those r always empty promises. i knw u knw well. even when u can manage to get sthg for nthg - it does not bring any real joy to ur life.

the point of life is not to figure out how to get sthg for nthg, the real fulfillment in life comes not from merely consuming, but from creating. we cannot be truly rich simply by havin a certain set of material possessions. the richness dat matters is a  real iner richness, and the satisfaction dat comes from knwing dat we r makin a positive differences in life. changes - dat is.

i dun wanna waste my time wishin, hoping, demanding or beggin to get sthg for nthg. i believe dat joyfully put my energy into creating new, useful and beautiful value out of the unique abundance wit wat i've been blessed.

the great thg about bein alive is dat we can - thru our creative endeavors -transform watever we hav into watever we desire. dat amazing, limitless opportunity presents itself every moment of everyday.

if we wish to hav sthg of value in life - we gotta then work to create sthg of even greater value. dats the reliable way to be truly rich in all matters small and large.


think i shld hit downstairs for a warm milk. i forget to hav mine, tonite. u sleep tite. and hav a good day, trow. gnyte.

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