Monday, October 14, 2013


i am having the urge to write. but i am not sure of wat. ofkoz theres a lot of thgs goin on today, revolving around me - dat i feel like to share wit others - but i am not sure if its goin to be worth it.

its been raining since morning. and the kids r so restless they wanted to be out of the house but their mothers wont let em. i was thinking of goin to kubur abah since early in the morn., but then again - its rainin.

mak is bz kat dapor wit her daugthers and in laws. as usual. and me - i am stuck in ere wit thgs in mind. cruisning thw idiotbox is the only best thang to do. shldve bring in few books to read. shldve bring my sport attires so at least aku bley pi gym nearby.

as if it'll be open up as usual.

wanted to go out for a drink. but alone? i dun think so. and i had few frens around, if i want to meet up for a cuppa. but then again, they r out wit their own thang. and to go oit to the town at time like dis - sigh, i knw it aint a good idea.


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