Saturday, October 12, 2013

life is not fair.

life is not fair. it never been, and never will be. some ppl r born wit powerful advantages. others r born wit cripplin disadvantages. for everyone, in different ways and at different times for each person - life is challenging. and altho life is not fair - i believe it is dynamic and responsive. tho life is not fair, and tho life presents u wit endless challenges; u hav the opportunity to do sthg about those challenges. 

one very important thg u can do is to dream, and use the power of those dreams to triumph even in the face of all the unfairness and the challenges.

it can be easy to assume dat other ppl r the source of life's unfairness. it seems obvious dat thgs such greed, jealousy, ego, lust and other human shortcomings r wat cause life's unfairness - and dat if we cld get rid of em all; life wld be rich and fulfilling for everyone. sounds so real, but it aint. even if we were to end em completely we wld not end the unfairness in life.

if u believe dat all of life's unfairness and troubles r caused by other ppl - consider dis; ur stupid and delusional. wake up, stand up, and giv a bloody bitch slap on ur own face. get real. think about how it wld be if u were dropped off in the most remote part of the 'hutan simpan', hundreds of miles fom the nearest person, completely out of the influence of other ppl - wld u still face challenges? wld life still be unfair? consider how it wld be if u were there completely naked and unequipped - wit no clothes, no shoes, no map or compass or gps device or satellite phone, no food, no water, no Twitter. no matches, or lighter. in other words - u wld be completely free from all the unfairness imposed upon life by imperfect, self-absorbing, self-centered and self-serving ppl.

tell me - wat wld u do? how long wld u last? do u think u wld continue to encounter any unfairness? 

so if u keep moaning dat life is so unfair - go get a life. who says life is fair? ur 'makcik'? life is unfair. 

and it will never be.  

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