Sunday, September 8, 2013


everyday is a brand new day. we learn from it, every day - every single sec leave u an impact if u really care. 

somehow or rather - life is like u renewing ur driving license. when the time is up - u go and get it renew. and for the rest of the months to come. i dun knw - it mght sound silly. but i do feel it  dat way. in my case - its 6 monthly. along the way, till ur time is up - ur hoping u'll do ok, so u'll hav no problem for days to come. and when the time comes - ur hoping for a bit of good news - so u cld go breathe easy for another 6 months, then the cycle starts all over again. its tuff. its like ur hanging on to somethg unknown, yet u still praying, wishing for somethg better.

and in the mean time - ur learning another one thg - expectation. u leran to live life wit less expectation. for u knw ur not afford to hold on to a high huge expectation. for the limitation ur havin. for the life ur havin - is not more the same like ur having, years back then.

havin all dis - as i said before - i feel like starting my life, all from the start - but in a different way. i appreciate thgs around me way better. i started to look thgs in different dimension now. i learn to to be thankful - everyday; for no matter how hard ur life is - at least u still breathing, and ever since ur breathin, other thgs will be jst fine.. thgs r goin to be jst fine.

mid of February 2014. another 6 months to come. till then..

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